Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Moving On

After years, I have finally decided that this blog has its run. Too many burdens... Too many memories... From here on my life or what best represents it on the big net space will commence on a fresh page:


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Uncle Andrew's Birthday Dinner

Me and the smiley one.

(I'm not wearing a bra, can you tell? LOL.)

Appetizer! See the roll right at the end? It's stuffed with goose liver. (After Kimmy found out, she refused to eat it)

Longevity buns! Definitely something I want to learn to make next time! I LOVE the lotus paste... Plus the shapes are just ADORABLE.

Shark's fin soup! It was pretty good! LOADS of shark fin inside the soup.

Lamb chops! Was pretty good! And thats saying something since I'm not that fond of mutton to begin with.

Code fish! My current favourite fish!

The usual longevity noodles! Wasn't too fond of it though, was simply egg noodles with a topping of sweet prawns and chopped spring onions.

This was pretty cool... You know that yammy thing with the gingko nuts? Sorry, the name just keeps escaping me... It's served with a top layer of pumpkin puree, in a whole coconut and a side of blueberry pastry~!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


OMG!! I finally found the bean videos that were playing in the game centres in Fukuoka!!! I spent half the time holding my stomach from stitches and laughing hysterically!

Not all the original videos are in the clip though, the missing oes can be found in the link below! Video quality is better too by the way.